Frequently Asked Questions about SwingClear Mailbox Posts

Q. How far from the road surface should the base and post be installed?A. Usually the base is driven into the ground 46" to 50" back from the road edge or 40" back from where your standard post without boom was placed. Often into the ditch.

Q. Is there a special requirement for the height and placement by the USPS?A. Yes, only to the extent indicated above and approximately 42" from the road surface (or shoulder) and the bottom of box. Final convenient positioning can be agreed with the authorization of your normal letter carrier, according to the USPS. Our unique, easy one bolt variable height adjustment after installation makes SwingClear a postal worker favorite.

Q. My base location is in a drop down ditch, what do you recommend?A. There is usually about 6" of adjustability, and the base can be left slightly higher out of the ground to achieve a little more height. We make a longer upright (neck) for these situations, if needed.

Q. Can concrete be used with the base if I prefer?A. Yes, in exceptionally light soils some people prefer to add a small amount of concrete, but it is usually completely unnecessary. Concrete can add to post movement by frost action at times.

Q. Can the SwingClear support multiple or larger mailboxes?A. Yes, we even make a doubler mounting plate, for two standard mailboxes. A larger commercial box works fine as well.

Q. I have a newspaper tube, can these be mounted additionally?A. Yes, they can be screwed to the standard wooden mounting board underneath the mailbox on the right, left, or both.

Q. Can I use my current mailbox on the SwingClear?A. Yes, you may have to alter or replace the old mounting board. Using your old box often saves relabeling (numbers and letters) which may be on your old box.

Q. How do I properly position my mailbox along the roadway?A.  According to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS): your mailbox should be set back 6 to 8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door. Therefore, when installing the base, measure 51 inches back from this point for the SwingClear Rural Model 442. Measure approximately 36 inches back for the SwingClear Suburban Model 440.

Q. Do I need to lubricate the swivel joint on my SwingClear?A.  It is not necessary but you can put universal-type grease on the top 4 to 6 inches of the upright where the swivel joint slides over it.