SwingClear Mailbox Posts  

SwingClear Mailbox Posts Will Swing Away When Hit

SwingClear Mailbox Posts are designed using a boom system. The system swings the mailbox and post arm out of the way when impacted by a vehicle, snowplow, or any solid object force. After the impact, the mailbox returns to its original position - with no damage to the mailbox post.View Our Video Gallery
  See how it swings away
Why Do You Need a SwingClear Mailbox Support System?
  • Installs in minutes without concrete
  • US Postal Service approved
  • No snow build up
  • Long lasting & Maintenance free
  • 60+ year history of trouble-free service
  • Accepts all mailbox types
  • Reduce hazard & liability along roadway
  • Made in the USA
  • All-galvanized steel construction
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