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"We have chosen Swing Clear mailbox supports to increase efficiency within our office by even installing them for some of our homeowners. We find them easy to install and most effective for our carriers. A Swing Clear provides a long-lasting neat appearance also."
— Kermit, Postmaster, Superior, WI

"I've had a Swing Clear for over 40 years and have never had to shovel out my mailbox, like before we got it. The plow wing just goes under the box and if the snow hits it, or the plow, the box can move without damage and it returns to its normal position automatically. Swing Clears work great!"
— Phyllis, Ashland, WI

"I had been meaning to write and tell you how pleased I am with the new mailbox support system you sent. It installed easily and looks like it is going to be just what I needed. I was especially thankful for your help and assistance on the phone. Thanks."
— Tim, Medina, OH

"I have had a SwingClear Suburban model for over 10 years. It works perfectly with zero maintenance since it was installed. I take it for granted because it never gave me a problem and needs no attention or maintenance. I love it."
— Jeff, Ashland, WI

"SwingClear is the best design I have ever come across from a very capable and creative person who previously designed several mailbox hanging systems and supports, which had their share of problems each Spring. Since I got the SwingClear I have had no more maintenance problems, nothing at all. I did use stainless steel screws to mount the box; I learned that."
— Ed, Glidden, WI